Photo Stories

The Faces of Khao San

A first-hand account discussing the relationship between tourism and the human trafficking industry from Chiang Rai to Bangkok.

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A  first-hand account of life in Ban Talae Nok, a village devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. This is a story about their recovery and the social inequalities that a Muslim community faces in southern Thailand.

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Los Rancheros (color)

In 2017 I had the privilege of traveling with an exclusive society of ranchers and horse riders to a camp in Solvang, California. These color images reflect my experience.

Los Rancheros (b+w)

At a charity event in Del Mar, California, one of 'The Visiting Ranchers' prepares, then partakes, in a riding competition. These black and white images summarize the day.

Manga | 漫画

Manga is a widely popular variety of literature in Japan. Every bookstore will feature a section dedicated to these Japanese comic books. I wanted to pay tribute to this art style by editing images of my own to look as if they could appear in a manga.